With one term to go in 2022, how lucky we are to be planning for the end of a whole year of face to face learning!

As always, Term 4 is a very busy term and we have many activities and events to look forward to until we conclude on Tuesday 20th December.

Our Year 5 students will attend the beautiful Howqua Camp from Monday 10th to Friday 14th October.

Year 1 & 2 students have the excitement of the ‘Big Night In’ to look forward to on Friday 21st October.

Weekly kinder visits will begin on Wednesday 26th October as part of the school’s transition processes.

Foundation students will be eagerly anticipating their ‘Spooky Pizza Party’ on Thursday 27th October.

The final staff training day for teachers has been scheduled for Monday 31st October, which is the day before the Melbourne Cup holiday on Tuesday 1st November. This will facilitate a four day weekend for all students, with school resuming on Wednesday 2nd November.

Our Semester 2 Musical, Aladdin, is sure to be another highlight of the term. This will unfold for Years 3-6 semester 2 Performing Arts students at Williamstown Town hall on Thursday 17th November.

The Year 5 Beach Program is scheduled for November 23-25, with the Year 6 Beach Program running from Tuesday 29th November to Friday 2nd December.

A two week intensive swimming program for Foundation students will run from Monday 28th November to Friday 9th December.

Our wonderful school community will come together on Tuesday 13th December for our annual Community Xmas Carols.

The final major event for the term will be the Year 6 Graduation evening which will be held on Thursday 15th December.

All students will be dismissed from our final assembly for the term at 1:30pm on Tuesday 20th December to begin their summer break.

We certainly look forward to another busy and exciting term at Willy North!

Jim Cahill


Jim Cahill