Useful Tips For Parents About the Reading Hour

The school has adopted a new Reading routine called the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model, whereby, all teachers from Prep to Year 6 follow as a guide. This same model is also used to teach Writing.

Teachers across from Prep to Year 6 are conducting daily Reading Conferences.  The teacher aims to see every child once a fortnight.  You will find in the link below, a list of questions used during a Reading Conference. You, too, can use the same questions at home with your child(ren).

Teachers across from Prep to Year 6 are explicitly teaching the six Reading Comprehension Strategies listed in the link below to help your child(ren) become a better reader.  The teachers are undertaking ongoing Professional Learning around these strategies to enhance student learning around Reading.  You may come across these strategies in the Mid Year Reports.


How Can I Help My Children With Reading?

Reading, combined with writing, is the key to success in education, but reading is not confined to school - what is learned at school needs to be used at home through reading for pleasure and interest.

In this way, teachers and parents form a partnership to help children become independent readers who love reading.