School General Notices and Social Events


Social Story on returning back to Shcool

Here is a Social Story on returning back to school (Click Here)



PTS Conference - Online Booking Through Compass (Click Here) for full details.
Using Compass you can book your PTS conference online 

1. Click the ‘Action for’ button beside the student you wish to make bookings for and click ‘Book Parent Teacher Interviews’.

2. A list of parent-teacher interview times will be displayed along with their booking status.  Click on the relevant time.

3. Your booking sheet will be displayed and will show all available booking times.  Click on a time in the grid to display teachers available for booking the selected time.

Community and School Engagement Activity Calendar for 2020-2021 (Click Here)


For Parents & Careres - Wellbeing and support over the holidays Click here


For Students - Wellbeing and Support over the holidays (Click Here)