Staff Contact

If you have a classroom issue or concern we always recommend that you start by having a chat with your child’s classroom teacher. 


If you feel that you would like to speak to someone else regarding your child or if it is an issue not relating to your child and their class, please feel free to contact our Admin Team.


Admin Team

Jim Cahill Principal

Wendy Emin – Assistant Principal

Belinda Gill – Admin & Communications Officer

Naomi Hill - Business Manager

Judy Coleman – Admin Assistant

Arlene Lawrence - Registered Nurse


Foundation Team

Tania Brown – Foundation B Teacher

Emilie Kaparis – Foundation K Teacher    

Bridget Sherrin – Foundation S Teacher     

Kaitlyn Hayes – Foundation H Teacher

Tahlia Giles – Foundation G Teacher


Year 1 Team

Danielle Marshall – Year 1M Teacher            

Julie Papazisis – Year 1P Teacher 

Tom Drummond – Year 1D Teacher

Stephanie Valjanoski – Year 1D Teacher

Rebecca Barham - Year 1B Teacher


Year 2 Team

Bronwyn Murray – YEar 2M Teacher

Georgina Petty – Year 2P Teacher

Julie Case – Year 2C Teacher

Sharon Hunt – Year 2HB Teacher

Kitty Black - Year 2HB Teacher


Year 3 Team

Crissy Samaras – Year 3SF Teacher (Mon, Tue & Wed)

Felicity Fyfe – Year 3SF Teacher (Thurs & Fri)

Wendy Drayton – Year 3DV (Mon to Wed) Teacher

Tammy Voukelatos – Year DV (Thur & Fri) Teacher

Virginia Irvine – Year 3I Teacher
Tristan Bugler - Year 3B Teacher

Jamie Peters – Year 3P Teacher


Year 4 Team

Dianna Lane – Year 4L Teacher

Vicki Symons – Year 4S Teacher

Crystal Gunter – Year 4G Teacher

Fran McCormick – Year 4M Teacher


Year 5 Team

Katherine Richards – Year 5RM Teacher (Mon to Wed & Fri) 

Bill Manoleras – Year 5RM Teacher (Thur)

Tess Holland – Year 5H Teacher

Belinda Chandler – Year 5C Teacher

Simon Radford - Year 5R Teacher   

Zach Schmidt - Year 5S Teacher


Year 6 Team

Bethany Johnstone – Year 6J Teacher

Patrick Kelly – Year 6K Teacher

Cathy Graham – Year 6GB Teacher (Mon to Thur)

Rachael Burgess – Year 6GB Teacher (Fri)

Dean Pearce – Year 6P Teacher

Sarah Nobbs – Year 5NZ Teacher (Wed to Fri)

Melissa Ziebowski - Year 6NZ Teacher (Mon & Tue)


Specialist Team/SIT Team

Giorgia Moss – SIT/Inclusion Leader

Helen Atkins - Japanese Teacher

Jack Rhodes – PE Teacher

Bill Manoleras – PE Teacher (Mon to Wed) Teacher

Michelle Barnes – Performing Arts Teacher

Robyn Law – Visual Arts Teacher

Dale Evans – STEM Teacher


Support Team

Tinh Nguyen - ICT Technician


Education Support Staff

Julieanne Weir – Canteen Manager

Kellie Murdoch – Education Support Staff

Linda Taylor – Education Support Staff

Sue Smith – Education Support Staff

Tracy Carroll – Education Support Staff

Laura Breen – Education Support Staff        



Other Staff

Keith Field – Handy Man

Win Brown – Grounds Person