Staff Contact Email Addresses

Admin Team

Jim Cahill Principal

Wendy Emin Assistant Principal

Michael Gill Assistant Principal      

Giorgia Moss – Senior School Manager

Crissy Samaras – Junior School Manager

Debbie Dorgan - Bursar

Judy Coleman – Receptionist

Belinda Gill – Admin and Communication Officer


Foundation Team

Bronwyn Murray – Foundation M Teacher

Julie Papazisis – Foundation P Teacher      

Kaitlyn Hayes – Foundation H Teacher

Zach Schmidt – Foundation S Teacher


Year 1 Team

Dale Evans – Year 1E Teacher

Danielle Buttigieg – Year 1B Teacher            

Robyn Law – Year 1L Teacher

Tania Brown – Year 1Br Teacher

Tess Bullock – Year 1Bu Teacher


Year 2 Team

Ashleigh Paton – Year 2P (Wed to Fri) Teacher

Belinda Witchell – Year 2W Teacher

Georgina Petty – Year 2Pe Teacher –

Julie Kelly – Year 2K Teacher

Lisa Hibbert – Year 2D (Thur & Fri) Teacher

Tammy Voukelatos – Year 2P (Mon & Tue) Teacher

Wendy Drayton – Year 2D (Mon to Wed) Teacher 


Year 3 Team

Bridget Sherrin – Year 3S Teacher

Crystal Gunter – Year 3G Teacher

Fran McCormick – Year 3Mc Teacher

Kylie Missen – Year 3Mi Teacher

Virginia Irvine – Year 3I Teacher


Year 4 Team

Belinda Chandler – Year 4C Teacher

Dean Pearce – Year 4P Teacher

Dianna Lane – Year 4L Teacher

Katherine Black – Year 4Bl Teacher

Tahlia Giles – Year 4G Teacher   


Year 5 Team

Cathy Graham – Year 5G Teacher

Felicity Fyfe – Year 5G Teacher (Fri)          

Jamie Peters – Year 5P Teacher

Katherine Richards – Year 5R Teacher 
Tom Drummond – Year 5D Teacher


Year 6 Team

Bethany Johnstone – Year 6J Teacher

Patrick Kelly – Year 6K Teacher

Tess Holland – Year 6H Teacher

Tristan Bugler – Year 6B Teacher     


Specialist Team/SIT Team

Crissy Samaras – SIT

Giorgia Moss – SIT

Helen Atkins - Japanese Teacher

Jack Rhodes – PE Teacher

Melissa Ziebowski – ICT Teacher & SIT                     

Sarah Nobbs - PE Teacher & SIT

Sharon Hunt - SIT

Simon Radford - Science Teacher    

Tuppence Scott – Performing Arts Teacher

Vicki Symons – Visual Arts Teacher


Support Team

Rachael Burgess – Support Teacher

Tinh Nguyen - ICT Technician

Vivien D’Aquino – Resource Centre


Education Support Staff

Anita Goldsworthy – Education Support Staff

Jane Mynard – Education Support Staff

Julieanne Weir – Canteen Manager

Kellie Murdoch – Education Support Staff

Linda Taylor – Education Support Staff

Olivia Koster - Registered Nurse

Sue Smith – Education Support Staff

Tracy Carroll – Education Support Staff




Other Staff

Keith Field – Handy Man

Win Brown – Grounds Person