Year 6

Term One 2019

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Welcome to Year 6 for 2019! The students are already settling into their final year at Willy North and all of the Year 6 classrooms have hit the ground running, developing the culture and expectations to enable each student to develop both academically and personally.


Term 1 is an incredibly busy term, both in and out of the classroom. Students will continue to develop their Leadership skills from Year 5 with a comprehensive Leadership Program that commences in the coming weeks. Students will be designated a role and will take ownership of a broad range of activities across the year. Year 6 students have also started practicing fundamental skills for their Summer Interschool Sports activities, which commence in Week 3.


Our classroom programs are also getting underway. Below is a snapshot of the content that each class will be covering in Term 1.



Our focus in Term 1 will be reintroducing a range of comprehension strategies and enhancing students’ ability to apply these strategies when reading to build a deeper understanding of a range of text types and genres. These strategies include visualising

predicting, inferring, questioning, summarising and making connections.



In Writing, we will continue to build the students’ capacity to write across a range of genres with greater purpose. We will place a strong focus on ensuring students are planning their writing, with a strong adherence to the specific audience and text structure to maximise the quality of their writing. They will also be encouraged to broaden their use of language features such as imagery and rhetorical devices. In Term One, we will focus on the following text types:

Imaginative Narrative – Creating stories with a focus on description of setting, characters and complication.

Persuasive – Using persuasive features of writing and evidence to construct arguments trying to persuade the reader of the Author’s opinion.



Number & Algebra:

Operations - Apply efficient mental and written strategies to solve problems involving all four operations with whole numbers and understand use of brackets and order of operations.

Algebraic Thinking – Identifying a numerical rule in number patterns and being able to record it in a numerical expression, or be able to continue the pattern.


Measurement and Geometry:

Perimeter and Area - Connect decimal representations to the metric system.  Solve problems involving the comparison of length and area using appropriate units.

Volume & Capacity - Convert between common metric units of length, mass, volume and capacity

Time - Solve problems involving time. Measuring, calculation and comparing elapsed time and interpreting and using timetables.



Federation Unit

This term’s unit of Inquiry will focus on Australian history, with a focus on Key figures and events that led to Australia’s Federation, including British and American influences on Australia’s system of law and government.


We will also look at the contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the development of Australian society as well as the overall effect of migration to Australia as a developing society.




This weekly program, running throughout Term 1 will explore friendship groupings and dynamics of relationships as well as how we manage different situations and discuss strategies to better handle conflict, anger and sadness.

Year 6 Team


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