Year 5

Term Three 2019

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Year 5

Term Four Overview

Welcome to Year Five, Term Four, 2019!
What a busy term we have to look forward to! Children will be involved in a variety of hands on programs including a Japanese Incursion and Japanese dress up day and parade during Japanese Week, the Beach program in week 10, end of year activity in week 9.  Students will also be preparing for the Christmas carols which will happen in Week 11. Other areas we will be focusing on are Algebraic thinking, and problem solving during Fluid groups. Below is an outline of Term 4.  Under each heading are a number of points that will be covered.

Literature circles
Literature Circles is an instructional activity in which students become the teacher in small group reading sessions. Teachers model, then help students learn to guide group discussions by carrying out the following roles: Discussion Director, Summariser, Connector, Vocabulary Enricher, Travel Tracer, Investigator and Illustrator. This is an interactive way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of a range of text types and reading strategies in a small group cooperative setting. Students will also demonstrate comprehension skills during this duration.


Text Connections/ Reading Comprehension

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of making connections from their class novel. They will focus on Text to Self, Text to Text and Text to World. Students will also focus on cause and effect, compare and contrast and problem and solution to enhance their comprehension skills.

Speaking and Listening
Students will research and create a PowerPoint as part of their presentation. They will present their research to their peers and also contribute actively in a Question & Answer at the end of each presentation.

Students will focus on Narratives with a moral, learning about the structure and features used to write an effective piece of writing. Students will then move on to procedural texts which will align with our Health unit. They will also focus on a media studies component, writing newspaper articles and publishing.  This will consist of typing, writing and voice recording of interviews/interviewees.

Language Conventions/word study and Spelling
In our Word Study, we will look at spelling patterns- similar letter combinations with different pronunciation, main and subordinate clauses- complex sentences, combining related sets of nouns and adjectives within a sentence and introducing the subject at the start of a sentence to give meaning. We will also focus on grammar and punctuation and address student's areas for development.

Algebraic Thinking


  • Investigate operational patterns -number of tiles in a geometric pattern, repeats of a strip or border pattern, etc.
  • Identify patterns in the way the numbers increase or decrease.
  • Utilise tables as a method for recording identified patterns.
  • Write word rules that link the value of a variable to a position in a pattern.
  • Find, continue number patterns using fractions, decimals and whole numbers.
  • Create and use rules to predict the patterns.
  • Use informal symbols to describe rules predicting contextual patterns.
  • Make relevant fact family number sentences for multiplication and division with known and unknown multipliers and quotients. eg: 7 x • = 56 and 56 ÷ • = 7

In Numeracy, we will also be focusing on the following concepts:
Time/ Time tables
Problem solving and mental strategies

Shared Inquiry

Australian History:

Students will be completing their Australian History unit focusing on significant or prominent historical figures while researching and learning about significant events in Australian history, in particular the Eureka Stockade.



Students will also undertake a short Geography unit and study Natural Disasters prevalent to Australia: Drought, Bushfires and Floods.

We look forward to another busy and productive term!!

The Year 5 Teachers…

Cathy Graham, Anita Goldsworthy, Jamie Peters, Tom Drummond.


The Year 5 Teachers

Cathy Graham,      

Jamie Peters,                  

Tom Drummond and          

Anita Goldsworthy