Year 4

Term Three 2019

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Year 4 Term 3 2019 Overview


Our Shared Inquiry focus this Term is ‘Historical Knowledge and Understanding’. Our big questions are ‘What was life like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People before and after the arrival of the Europeans?’ and ‘why did the Europeans settle in Australia?’ We begin the Term by investigating ‘Australian History and Environment.’ Students will be researching traditional Aboriginal people before European settlement and how life has changed in Australia. Students will explore the Australian symbols and emblems and the diverse cultural groups that make up the Australian community.


In Reading, students will continue to build on their independent reading skills through selecting and reading ‘Just Right’ texts. This term the students will be investigating a range of different types of poetry, which will prepare students for Reading and Writing Together is Magic (RWTIM). Students will continue to further their comprehension skills focusing on developing their literal and inferential comprehension skills. They will explore fiction and non-fiction texts through Guided and Reciprocal Reading groups and participate in activities to further their questioning skills. Students will explore figurative language, cause and effect and summarising.


In Writing, students will focus on writing Explanation, Poetry and Information Texts. Students will be generating a range of poetry in preparation for RWTIM. Some of the poetry will include Haiku, Limericks, Simile and Metaphor poems, Onomatopoeia and Personification. Some of the spelling investigations will include similes, metaphors and idioms, rhyme, spelling patterns syllables, plurals and adverbs.


In Numeracy, the students will work towards achieving the Power Standards in Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Students will also work on recalling multiplication facts up to 10 × 10 and related division facts. Throughout the term students will further their understanding of Measurement, including Length, Perimeter and Area. Students will also investigate Time using am and pm notation and solve simple time problems. There will be having a heavy focus on learning and applying Math Problem Solving strategies.


In line with the school’s Homework Policy, homework is considered compulsory in Year Four. Your child receives weekly activities in Spelling, Numeracy, Literacy and/or Inquiry with the expectation that it takes approximately 30 minutes per week for children to complete tasks independently. These tasks are in addition to regular reading. Year Four students’ homework tasks may require use of their netbook, or homework may be provided on paper.


Year 4 Team

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