Year 4

Term Four 2019

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Year 4 Term 4 Overview 2019

Welcome to our final term in Year Four! This year has flown by and the students have all achieved so

much. As we head for the home straight, there are many exciting events planned for the term.


In Reading, we will continue our focus on the Reciprocal Reading approach, in which students develop their skills in predicting, clarifying, summarising and asking questions about different texts. There is also a direct focus on inferring and revising reading habits for what good readers do. You can assist your child by making sure they always have access to a range of reading material at

home and are reading regularly.


In Writing, we will begin the term with a focus on persuasive writing. Students will distinguish between what is fact and what is an opinion. They will be articulating and writing their own point of view and backing up their opinions with reasons and examples. Students will explore the text structures and features of a persuasive text including using emotive language. They will also focus on transactional writing which includes letter writing.


Students will also continue to work on their handwriting using a pen. Each class will have a process set up that encourages the students to use their pen responsibly.


Shared Inquiry has a Civic and Citizenship focus which enables students to become active and informed citizens who participate in, and sustain Australia’s democracy.


The students will investigate the impact the local council has on our daily lives. Questions which the students will focus on include;

  • How are decisions made democratically?
  • How can local government contribute to community life?
  • Why do we make rules and laws and why are they important?
  • How has my identity been shaped by the groups to which I belong?

Students will also participate in ‘Cashtivity.’ An inquiry based project which educates students on using money in the real world. This will have a project component which will enable students to set up a stall to sell services or goods towards the end of the term. There will be more information to come.


In Numeracy, students will be working towards achieving the Year 4 Power Standards in fractions as well as a focus on division and money. In our endeavour to cater to all students’ abilities and effectively support and extend each individual learner, students will work in targeted groups for some Numeracy sessions. During these times your child may move to a different classroom and be taught by a teacher other than their classroom teacher.


Other areas in Numeracy include mass, capacity and volume, chance, problem solving and revision of the four operations. At home, please assist your child to continue consolidating their knowledge of times tables and division number facts. This knowledge is a crucial foundation for much of the Mathematics they will experience in Year 5.


In line with the school’s Homework Policy, homework is compulsory in Year Four. Your child receives weekly activities in Spelling, Numeracy, Literacy and/or Inquiry with the expectation that it will take approximately 30 minutes per week for students to complete tasks independently.


These tasks are in addition to regularly reading each night. Year Four students’ homework tasks may require use of their netbook, or homework may be provided on paper. Each class has their own format for homework so please check with your classroom teacher if you are unsure of the class expectations.


Thank you once again for your continued support throughout the year.



Year 4 Team

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