Year 2

Term Two 2019

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Welcome back to Term 2 - we hope everyone had a restful and relaxing break! We have a very busy term with lots of exciting things happening for the Year Two’s.


Key Dates


We will be jumping straight into the pool for our Swimming program, running from Monday 29th April - Wednesday 8th May.


The Mother’s Day stall will be on 9th May.


School Photo Day

Whole School/Individual Photos - Monday 6th May


Family Photos - Tuesday 7th May


Staff Training Day - 24th May

Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday) - Monday 10th of June


Last day of term Friday 28th of June - 2.30pm early dismissal.


Curriculum Focus


In Literacy this term we will have a strong focus on building students’ ability to comprehend the texts they read. Students will learn how and when to use specific comprehension strategies to support their ability to draw meaning from the text, to improve their understanding and engagement. These strategies will include; making connections, clarifying, questioning, determining importance, retelling, summarising and answering literal and inferential questions.  


During Guided Reading sessions, students will work in small groups, focusing on developing decoding skills and constructing meaning.  These texts will be at an ‘instructional level’ for the students (a level that students can read with the guidance of their teacher). 


When listening to your child read at home each night, please have discussions with them about what strategy we are currently working on in the classroom and how they could use this in the text they are reading to support them in developing a deeper understanding of what they are reading.


We will be continuing our narrative writing unit from Term One.  We will continue to unpack and experiment with the structures of a narrative, developing the ability to create strong characters, settings and plot. Students will have opportunities to practise writing different parts of a narrative and then draft, edit and publish their own narrative.


Mid term, we will begin a procedural writing unit. Students will build on their existing understanding of procedures and focus on creating clear, detailed procedural writing to maximise the readers understanding of the steps they need to undertake to achieve the desired result. Students will have opportunities to create or perform tasks in order to have a tangible sense of what steps and materials are required to perform a procedure before they actually write it.


Students will continue regular practise of handwriting, exploration of spelling rules and patterns and developing their ability to spell the Oxford Spelling words.  Students will practise listening for, and sounding out individual sounds in words, assisting with building on their understanding of phonics.  They will also be encouraged to memorise words that cannot be sounded out, for example the word ‘who’..



In Year 2, we focus on creating a fun and challenging Numeracy environment where all students are empowered to succeed. We will continue to use pre and post testing along with proficiency scales to enable students to set goals and track their progress.


In Numeracy, we will continue to strengthen the students’ fluency in counting, place value and basic number operations through playing fun number games, and other short tasks each day.


The students will be building on their ability to add and subtract, broadening their range of strategies to solve problems and to check that their answers are correct. Students will all be working to build their own capacity to add and subtract increasingly large numbers.


Our non-number areas this term include telling the time to the quarter hour on both a digital and an analogue clock, reading a calendar, recognising and using money.

We will be investigating 3D shapes, making connections to the 2D shape unit we undertook in Term 1 and learning about the language of ‘flip, slide and turn’.



In Shared Inquiry, our focus is on Health, Safety and Wellbeing. In the first part of term, we will be investigating our health, safety and wellbeing in both the school and our local community. Students will learn about keeping safe in an emergency, what to do in an emergency and how our school goes about maintaining a safe environment for everyone. We will also investigate how keeping active can contribute to our personal health.


In the second part of term we will shift our focus to investigating the foods and drink that we consume and how they contribute to our health in our Shared Inquiry, ‘Healthy Me, Healthy You’. We will look at everyday food and sometimes food and how balance is important. We will also make links to the earlier part of our Inquiry Unit and discuss the importance of mental and physical health to our overall health and wellbeing.  

Home Learning

Homework in Year 2 consists of nightly reading, which should be recorded in their reading log book, spelling and a short numeracy, literacy or shared inquiry investigation. Homework will be issued every Tuesday and students will return their completed homework on Monday.


Take home readers will continue in Term 2.  Students will receive a selection of books in their satchel that is at a level they can read independently to practise their fluency, comprehension and decoding skills.  Students can also utilise the Wushka online reading program.  All students have a login, and the books are targeted to your child’s independent reading level.  Any books read through the Wushka website can be recorded in students’ reading log books as well.


If you have any queries throughout the term, please contact your child’s teacher by email or phone.  We will then arrange a time to meet at everyone’s earliest convenience. 

From the 2019 Year 2 Team

Wendy Drayton/Lisa Hibbert (Year 2D)

Georgie Petty (Year 2Pe)

Belinda Witchell (Year 2W)

Julie Kelly (Year 2K)

Ashleigh Paton/Tammy Voukelatos (Year 2Pa)