Year 1

Term One 2019

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Welcome to Term 2 2019!

Welcome to Term 2 2019!

Welcome back! It’s great to see everyone so refreshed and ready for an exciting Term 2! We have lots of fantastic things planned for the term.


This term in Reading, there will be a continued focus on decoding and comprehension strategies. There will be a big focus on the comprehension strategy ‘Text Structures and Features’ when reading both fiction and non-fiction books. We will also be introducing and revising a range of other comprehension strategies to ensure students are understanding and gaining meaning from books read. Students will be supported to develop their ability to read fluently with correct phrasing and expression, whilst increasing their reading stamina.


This term students will be working on producing information reports and narratives. There will be a focus on text structures, punctuation, spelling and editing. Students will investigate adjectives (describing words), synonyms (different words that have a very similar meaning eg. small/little/tiny) and homophones (a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning and spelling eg. to/too/two). Students will be exploring editing strategies, such as underlining misspelled words and rereading their writing. We will use our Writer’s Notebooks to record thinking, discoveries, observations and stories in a creative and open way. There will be a continued focus on handwriting to develop correct formation of both letters and digits, as well as using dotted thirds correctly.



This term the numeracy concepts students will be focusing on are: Place Value, Money, Location, Data and Graphing. Numeracy sessions will incorporate explicit instruction and modelling, along with open-ended learning activities, where the students will be encouraged to explore and discuss the processes they have used.



During Shared Inquiry we will be focusing on Geography. We will investigate different countries around the world and how their environments can affect the way both people and animals live. We will look at how living things adapt to their environment. We will be exploring habitats within Australia, as well as other countries around the world.  We will be visiting Werribee Open Range Zoo, where the children will participate in a range of activities aimed at igniting their curiosity and prompting some questions.


If you have any questions at any time throughout the term, please contact your child’s teacher and continue to check your emails in order to stay updated through our classroom eNews program.


Kind Regards,

The Year 1 Team

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Robyn Law (1L)