Term Two 2021

Welcome Back

We can’t believe we are already in Term Two! We are very excited for the fun and exciting term we have ahead of us.

In Reading, students will continue to practise and develop strategies that will enable them to become independent readers, such as blending all of the sounds in a word and looking for digraphs. In addition to this, students will be encouraged to try a word and see if it fits into the sentence, asking themselves if it sounds right in the sentence being read. Students will begin to be formally introduced to the comprehension strategies, Predicting and Thinking Aloud. To develop students’ comprehension skills, we encourage you to discuss your child’s texts while they are reading. Please ask your child questions relevant to their story and discuss what is happening/has happened as they read. To support your child’s phonemic awareness there will be a focus on manipulating initial and end sounds in words, and being able to blend sounds together to make words. Furthermore, we will continue investigating syllables and rhyme.


In Writing, we will focus on using letter-sound knowledge to write words and simple sentences. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of rich writing experiences through modelled writing. Genres such as Recount and Retell will be explicitly taught. Students will continue to be introduced to common high frequency words and taught how to spell these words through daily lessons language conventions. Furthermore, we will continue with a focus on correct letter formations as we introduce lines for the students to write on in their Writing books.


In Numeracy, we will continue to focus on developing students’ counting and number sense skills. Students will focus on improving their ability to count to 20 and beyond, and their ability to represent and subitise amounts. Students will be introduced to early concepts of addition. Using concrete materials, students will experiment with ‘count on’ and ‘count all’ strategies to show the total of two collections. To challenge students thinking, we will continue to use open-ended problem-solving tasks. Students will be given opportunities to explain their thinking, demonstrating their reasoning and understanding on how they tackled problems.


Our ‘Healthy Heroes’ Shared Inquiry this term will focus on the people who help us in our community. We will be looking at who keeps us healthy and safe and what actions we can take to keep ourselves safe. This term we venture to the Eastern Hill Fire Station to see how our local heroes - the Melbourne Firefighters - keep us safe in our community through the job that they do. Please refer to upcoming eNews and Compass alerts for more details about this excursion as the term continues.

We are having a wonderful time learning in our Foundation classes and look forward to sharing your children’s amazing development with you!


The Foundation Team

Foundation H –Kaitlyn Hayes      

Foundation K– Emilie Kaparis     

Foundation B – Tania Brown        

Foundation G – Tahlia Giles          

Foundation S – Bridget Sherrin