Class Rep Program

HURRY! Now is the time to put your name forward to be a Class Representative for your child/ren’s class/es!

IMPORTANT! If you are new to the school or haven’t already ‘opted in’ to the Class Rep. Program, please complete the attached form and email to or drop a hard copy to the office.  Click the link to get a copy or see attached.
Class Reps: This year we are seeking 1 or 2 Class Representatives per class.  Class Reps will be responsible for liaising with the classroom teacher, preparing and sending the fortnightly eNewsletter, providing parents with reminders about upcoming class excursions/activities, and organising social get togethers for the parents of students in their child’s class.
Please email your expression of interest in the role to the Class Rep. Program Coordinators, Julie Noonan and Toni Burton at by Monday 11th February.  PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH TEACHERS DIRECTLY REGARDING THIS ROLE.
Please provide:
  • Your name
  • Your email address and mobile number
  • The name of the child and class name that you would like to nominate for.
All nominations will be considered by the Schools Leadership Team.  Reps will be notified asap. An Information night will then be held for confirmed Class Reps (date to be confirmed).
Williamstown North Primary School encourages the active involvement of parents and guardians in the life of the school. Established in 2013, the WNPS Class Representative Program is a network of parents and carers, called Class Representatives that enhance communication and engagement between teachers and parents/carers, to more actively support learning in the home environment and to assist parents in building relationships with other families in the school community. 

The Program provides parents/carers with a fortnightly eNewsletter giving an overview of each child’s classroom literacy, numeracy and inquiry activities, as well as details of classroom excursions and parent social outings.
Class Representatives coordinate the Class Rep Program for their child’s class. This role includes:
  • Maintaining and distributing a parent contact list for the class
  • Facilitating regular communication between the classroom teacher and parents via a fortnightly class ‘eNewsletter’
  • Where requested by teachers, organising parent helpers for class activities and programs as required (ie swimming, reading, sports events, excursions)
  • Encouraging parent involvement in the classroom and whole school activities (i.e. Fete, Art Show etc).
  • Organising social events for the parents of students in your child’s class to help them get to know each other. Events may include family picnics or parent dinners
  • Being a ‘support resource’ for the teacher by communicating the need for classroom resources (i.e. craft items) through the eNewsletter.  Welcoming new families to the class, and encouraging their participation in the Class Rep activities
  • Providing a general ‘reminder’, email or SMS message, to parents prior to a major school or classroom activity/excursion. Please note: Any urgent information will be managed by the school and communicated directly to parents via the Compass Platform.
  • Supporting and fostering a strong sense of the School as a community.
Required skills of Class Representatives:
  • The role is accessible and manageable for parents who are in paid work or ‘stay at home’ parents.
  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Word.
  • Class Reps are respectful of the privacy of parents and ensure that the confidentiality of teachers, students and parents is maintained at all times.
  • Flexible, friendly and reliable!

Class Representative Program 2019    
FH Kaitlyn Hayes Class Rep 1 Emma Sumner
    Class Rep 2 Leanne Chapple
FM Bronwyn Murray Class Rep 1 Sarah Cox
    Class Rep 2 Amy Brown
FP Julie Papazisis Class Rep 1 Sheena Hickman
    Class Rep 2 Ebony Gaylor
FS Zach Schmidt Class Rep 1 Jo Owen
    Class Rep 2 Nova Ward
IBD Danielle Buttigieg Class Rep 1 Hannah Diamond
    Class Rep 2 Bronwyn Dann
IBR Tania Brown Class Rep 1 Samantha Lea
    Class Rep 2 Andrea Brereton
IBU Tell Bullock Class Rep 1 Jane Lee
    Class Rep 2 Belinda Charge
IE Dale Evans Class Rep 1 Andrea Potter
    Class Rep 2 Alissa Lloyd
IL Robyn Law Class Rep 1 Sara Zanoni
    Class Rep 2 Suz-anne Meiers
2D Wendy Drayton/Gauld Class Rep 1 Lana Hutton
    Class Rep 2 Natasha Groeneveld
2K Julie Kelly Class Rep 1 Michelle Lee
    Class Rep 2  
2P Ashleigh Paton Class Rep 1 Kelli Schaak
  Tammy Voukelatos Class Rep 2 Peter Bakkar
2PE Georgina Petty Class Rep 1 Sarah Cox
    Class Rep 2 Tracey lee Mellier
2W Belinda Witchell Class Rep 1  
    Class Rep 2  
3G Crystal Gunter Class Rep 1 Nicole Asher
    Class Rep 2 Nicole Harvey
3I Virginia Irvine Class Rep 1 Julia Endekov
    Class Rep 2 Georgie Evanson
3MC Fran McCormick Class Rep 1 Natalie Dean
    Class Rep 2 Dijana Mikkelsen
3MI Kylie Missen Class Rep 1 Nova Ward
    Class Rep 2 Natasha Muller
3S Bridget Sherrin Class Rep 1 Sophie Loutakis
    Class Rep 2 Zara Baker
4B Katherine Black Class Rep 1 Marye Petzierides
    Class Rep 2  
4C Belinda Chandler Class Rep 1  
    Class Rep 2  
4G Tahlia Giles Class Rep 1 Tanya Turner
    Class Rep 2 Lana Hutton
4L Dianna Lane Class Rep 1 Toni Burton
    Class Rep 2  
4P Dean Pearce Class Rep 1 Samantha Lea
    Class Rep 2 Jo Hocking
5D Thomas Drummond Class Rep 1 Carly Pasco
    Class Rep 2 Rebecca Power
5G Cathy Graham Class Rep 1 Suz-anne Meiers
  Felicity Minton Class Rep 2  
5P Jamie Peters Class Rep 1 Melanie Dmytrenko
    Class Rep 2 Di DiBlasi
5R Katherine Richards Class Rep 1 Fiona Haddrell
    Class Rep 2  
6B Tristan Bugler Class Rep 1 Fiona Haddrell
    Class Rep 2 Racheal Spearman
6H Teresa Holland Class Rep 1 Cheryl Wright
    Class Rep 2 Nicole Asher
6J Bethany Johnstone Class Rep 1 Amanda Bevan
    Class Rep 2 Melissa Eastwood
6K Patrick Kelly Class Rep 1 Caroline Geddes
    Class Rep 2 Jasmyn Keane