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At Williamstown North Primary School, parent participation in student learning and the school community is greatly valued, and the school continues to develop through the generous donation of skills and services from parents.

The Community Resource Database, a parent led initiative supported by the school, is a formal database of the skills and/or services that parents are willing to provide to the school for events, activities etc.  The Database will help to support our school to secure resources and services at a nil or reduced cost, allowing the school to deliver additional programs, services, events and activities that will benefit the entire school community.


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There are many ways that you can support the school by utilising your skills and professional services to support special events, classroom activities, school programs etc. Below is an outline of the ways in which you can provide your skills/services:

Pro-bono services: In the context of the Community Resource Database, ‘pro-bono’ means the provision of services on a no-cost basis. For example: Providing marketing skills at no cost.

Reduced ‘fee for service/goods’: The provision of goods or services on a reduced ‘fee for service’ arrangement, as negotiated and agreed. For example: Professional lighting services for the Art show at a reduced rate, or the provision of art supplies at a reduced cost. 

Note: Any offer to provide services or goods at a reduced fee for service will be subject to the same quoting and approval processes as all other service providers. Any decisions on selecting a product or service will be based on value for money, fitness for purpose and must provide a discount or benefit to the school. In line with the purchasing policies of the school, a second quote will be sought for comparison where required.

Goods in Kind: Is a form of charitable giving in which, instead of giving money to buy required goods, the goods themselves are given. Only goods meeting the outlined requirement of the school can be received. For example: Donation of auction items to be used at the Fete.

Sponsorship: Financial support received from a sponsor. In the context of the Community Resource Database, this means the provision of money where a benefit to the individual or group is expected. For example: Sponsorship of a WNPS fundraising event.

Donations: In the context of the Community Resource Database, this means a donation of money where a benefit to the individual or group is not expected. For example: Donation towards the schools building fund (tax deductible).

We would like to match your skills and services to the needs of the school.  Refer to the attached guidelines for more information (Parent & Community Guidelines)


Please refer to the attached documents for more information on the processes and protocols relating to ‘reduced fee for service’ and the quoting process. (Click Here)  and SPONSORSHIP POLICY (Click Here).


All support received through the Community Resource Database will be acknowledged in an appropriate and agreed manner.


In carrying out its educational and welfare functions, Williamstown North Primary School (WNPS) collects personal information about students, parents/guardians, volunteers and staff. The school is committed to protecting the privacy of all information collected and the School’s Privacy Policy embodies this commitment.

The policy will ensure that:

  • The school abides by legislative privacy requirements in relation to how personal and health information is collected, used, disclosed and stored;
  • All staff, including volunteers, are aware and compliant with the school privacy policy.


The Community Resource Database will give us a wonderful tool for capturing the details of all the support received for the school through all past events (ie Fete, Art Shows etc), and allow for the easy identification of skills, services and goods that are required to support teachers and school events in the future.

Please find attached the following documents that will be required to be read and used by all Fundraising/Event Committees.

  • Events Committee Guidelines (Click Here)
  • Process & Protocols – Events Committee version(Click Here)
  • Record keeping processes (Click Here)
  • Data collection criteria – Events Committees (Click Here)
  • Events Committee Template ** THIS FORM MUST BE USED TO RECORD ALL CONTACT DATA (Click Here)


If you have any questions, or would like further information about the Community Resource Database, please contact the volunteer Database Coordinators at

We hope you will support this exciting initiative!