The principles that direct the school’s educational policies and programs are:

  • the achievement of high standards of learning
  • equality of educational opportunity
  • the achievement of success
  • flexibility and adaptability
  • extending students to their individual potential by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding achievement and - effort
  • providing ongoing Professional Learning for staff in areas such as: Shared Inquiry, Early Years Literacy, Early Years Numeracy, Middle Years, The Thinking Curriculum, Welfare and Peer Support
  • developing in students qualities and life skills such as reflective and inquiring minds; resilience, confidence and hope; problem solving and creativity; communication and interdependence; responsibility and negotiation; decision making and independence
  • providing a cooperative environment where students can share responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and health
  • preparing students for their next stage of learning by building on their strengths and experiences
  • matching all available resources to support excellence in learning and teaching
  • maintaining and managing the integrity of the school’s physical environment
  • using appropriate learning technologies to enhance communication, the delivery of curriculum, access to information and management and administration.
  • the development of a comprehensive Transition Program for Foundation and Year 6 students.