Canteen Information

Canteen Menu updated Term 3, 2018 (click here for new menu)

Changes to the Canteen Menu

Monday - Mexican Monday

Mexican Monday offers students the opportunity to order three different types of tacos.

Cheese and Tomato
Just Cheese or
With the Lot - Cheese, Tomato and Avocado


Wednesday - Hot Dogs
Don skinless hot dog

Fresh hot dog roll baked locally by a small business
Sauce extra $0.20


Thursday - Sushi
(California Roll, Teriyaki Roll or Tuna Roll)

Did you know that our sushi is prepared fresh daily by a local Williamstown business?


Friday - Baked Potato

Prepared fresh in the canteen with the choice of;
Baked Potato (plain) $2.10
Add Cheese $0.60
Add Coleslaw $1.00
Add Sour Cream $0.30

Lunch orders are available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only.
There are no lunch orders on Mondays and Tuesdays. Also, there are no lunch orders on the last day of the school term.

Counter sales are available every day at Recess and Lunch time.

How to place a Lunch Order (Click Here) for Qkr process!
After months of planning, we are very excited to launch our new canteen APP – Qkr.

This will now enable families to order lunches electronically via the APP, hopefully eliminating the frustration of finding a brown paper bag in the morning and scrambling through the house looking for the right money! During Term 3, we will maintain the current bag/cash system, as well as the new electronic platform, to allow everyone enough time to transition to Qkr. If everything proceeds smoothly, we hope to operate with just Qkr from Term 4 on-wards.We have included some instructions in this newsletter to assist families with the download and set up of the APP. I have just loaded the APP onto my phone and it only took about five minutes to register – it may take a bit longer if you are profiling several children. However once set up with your personal details and credit card information, it should then be quite quick to lodge lunch orders.We have also included the new

Canteen menu in this newsletter for your perusal. You will note that several items have been removed and new items have been added, in response to our Canteen survey about 18 months ago. We will continue to focus on a broader range of fresh foods as we continue to fine tune the menu over time.

Lunch orders using the Qkr APP will begin on Wednesday 2nd August.
(Please note that lunch orders must be placed by 9:15am on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, to ensure they are included in the download each day).


"Williamstown North Primary School has made a commitment to lowering the footprint that our litter makes on the environment by promoting that all students bring 'nude food' in their lunch boxes when possible.  

Each week our sustainability leaders tally up all the students who are bringing food without wrappers and rubbish in their lunches and the weekly winners are announced at assembly."