Parent Information


The life of Williamstown North Primary School is enriched by the contribution of parents and carers who share in decision making, policy development, social activities, assistance in the classroom and enriching programs.

School Council & School Council Sub-Committees

The School Council is the main decision making body of the school and is comprised of both parents and staff.     

Classroom and Specialist Support

There is plenty of opportunity for classroom involvement at Williamstown North Primary School. We encourage parents to be s actively involved in their child’s school life as time permits.  Teachers are always happy to have classroom support and parents will receive regular information of opportunities to support their child’s classroom through the fortnight e-News.  A current Working with Children Card (WWCC) is required to work with our students.

Michael Carr-Gregg Parent Presentation (Click Here)

Annual Report - (Click Here) to read the Annual Report

"Building Resilience in Children & Adolescence" by Chris Daicos Parent Handout  & Building Resilience In Children Adolscents

 "Transition from Primary School to High School" by Chris Daicos Transition from Primary School to High School

Medication Authority Form

If your child require medication during school hours please complete the form and hand it to the general office. (Click Here)

Asthma Action Plan - down load your plan (Click Here)

There has been some changes to the Infection Control Guidelines.  The update states that any child who has an Asthma Plan must provide their own reliever and spacer (if a spacer is used).  Ensure your child brings their reliver to school and if your child uses a spacer, please supply a small spacer in order for us to maximize storage space for the first aid room. 

For the parent complaint process please view this Parent Complaint Issue document.

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