Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Williamstown North Primary

At Williamstown North Primary, we strive to provide opportunities for all students in Music, Dance and Drama. Teaching and learning within The Performing Arts is so powerful, as it allows students to develop confidence, perseverance, empathy, self-expression, teamwork skills and concentration in an energetic, safe and inclusive environment. Students are also encouraged to challenge their imagination and critical thinking while improving their self-confidence.

As well as classroom lessons, we offer a Senior Choir for Years 4 - 6, that perform at various events including:

  • The School Fete
  • The Boroondara Eisteddfod
  • Hobsons Voice

In accordance with Victorian Curriculum, during classroom lessons, students will:

  • Develop their pitch and rhythm knowledge through the use of body percussion, voice and instruments
  • Develop improvising and composing skills on different instruments using a wide range of repertoire
  • Explore locomotor and non-locomotor movement and the use of levels through movement
  • Develop the use of sequence, transition, contrast, variation, abstraction and repetition in their choreography
  • Explore facial expression, body movement and voice changes to develop a character
  • Develop the use of voice, body and movement to sustain roles and develop relationships in dramatic action
  • Perform and communicate through music, dance and drama to an audience
  • Identify and explain elements of music, dance and drama

Tuppence Scott
Performing Arts Teacher