Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Williamstown North Primary School is considered an important part of students’ overall development during their Primary School years.  We value and foster imagination, creativity and original thinking and this is evident through the tasks, challenges and activities students undertake in the Visual Arts program.

All students attend the Visual Arts Room for a 60 minute lesson each week (either Semester one or Semester two), taken by specialist art teacher Vicki Symons. During this session students use a range of art media and materials to plan, make, present and reflect on artworks which communicate their experiences, feelings, observations ideas and show skill development. Planning is guided by the Victorian Curriculum (which was introduced 2017). Parent helpers are most welcome.

Art smocks are provided, however students may bring their own.

Vibrant displays of student artworks are changed regularly in the corridors and the art room to allow for as many students as possible to have their artwork viewed by the school community.


All art experiences from Foundation to Year 6 are sequential and are designed for students to not only reach their potential at each stage of their development, but to have the opportunity to excel above the expected level.


Any Art Incursions, special projects or competitions will be communicated through the school Newsletter and eNews bulletin.



Vicky Symons

Visual Arts Teacher