High Ability Students


Topics  include:

For parents– focuses on information for parents and covers the identification of gifted students and an overview of the available schooling options for gifted students. A checklist for parents is also available.

Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program – covers the SEAL Guidelines, including: information about applying to become a SEAL Program school; preparing to introduce the SEAL program; students, inclusiveness and issues; selecting students to participate in the program; school and teacher support; and implementing the SEAL Program. A list of SEAL Program schools is also available.

Gifted & high potential students – includes information about:Identifying gifted children, Gagné’s model of giftedness and nominating a gifted child. A checklist for teachers is also available.

Schooling options – discusses the various schooling options available to gifted students, including:
Early entry to school; Advanced offerings in a specific subject (single-subject acceleration); Curriculum compacting; Telescoping; Year level advancement; Concurrent enrolment; Mentoring; Virtual mentoring; VCE Extension Studies; and Early entry into tertiary education.

Learning & teaching – provides a number of resources for schools, including: Grouping for instruction, via either small groups or a whole class arrangement; general resources; and Professional Learning resources.